Hungry Toddler Spots Naked Mannequin & You Can Tell This Kid's Been Breastfed (PHOTO)

toddler breastfeed mannequin

Cute baby alert! And this one's clearly hungry, since he tried to breastfeeding from a highly unusual place: a store mannequin. Luckily someone had their camera handy.


Of course, a photo this hilarious is prime Facebook fodder, so that's where it landed and was shared over 110,000 times. Commentary and wisecracks ranged from "my kid would do that" to "Sorta disconcerting that the 'headlessness' of the mannequin didn't bother the little guy." See below:

If you leave a snack out where a kid can get it, don't be surprised when he tries to eat.

Posted by Life of Dad on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

It pains me to see that there were some nasty comment from trolls. This is childhood innocence at its best! 

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For me at least, this photo made my day. And I could definitely see my daughter doing this back in the day: I recall one time I was away from her while she was still breastfeeding around age 1. My husband said she'd stare at any woman's boobs, particularly if they were big! It's funny how babies assume all boobs, are fair game.

It just goes to show how ingrained breastfeeding really is. Babies are just drawn to it, even if it's plastic, headless, and doesn't look much like mom at all. As long as there are boobs, the baby brain thinks, "Yay! Food! And hey, this boob's right at my level, too." 

What do you think of this photo? Do you think your baby would do this?


Image via Life of Dad/Facebook

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