Moms Kicked Out of Store So Her Nursing Breasts Won't Make a Mess

A mom claims she was told she couldn't breastfeed in a bridal store ... which is bad enough, but it gets worse. The reason she was ousted? She might "spurt milk" on the dresses.


The back-story: According to mom Josephine Fenton, she'd called Jackson Couture studio in Manchester, England for an appointment, and asked if she could bring her 7-month-old Ella to the store. Only from there, she was allegedly told by the store owner's mom that she could not breastfeed on the premises due to potential "spurting." Once in the store, she was told she'd have to nurse on the street. 

The store’s owner, Felicity Jackson, denied Josephine’s claims, only since then the media had gotten hold of the story ... and the store was inundated with outraged commentary on their Facebook page. More info below: 

My 68 year old grandmother Jean, of Jean Jackson Couture, will not be opening her shop today due to the upset caused by...

Posted by Jean Jackson Couture on Saturday, May 30, 2015

Well, all I can say is if this mom's allegations are true, I wouldn't shop for a dress in this store, even if it were the last bridal store on earth and I had to wear a potato sack down the aisle!

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Because for one, in my experience, moms don't just "spurt milk" out of the blue all over the place like a sprinkler system. If someone had made such a claim to me, I'd have to presume they know nothing about breastfeeding -- nada. It's as if they've heard some urban legend instead.

And to me, this just goes to show how damaging myths and misconceptions about breastfeeding can be. For one, when moms believe these myths, it may throw a wrench in their ability to breastfeed (for instance, assuming it will "just happen naturally" with no instruction is bound to make a mom frustrated).

Yet breastfeeding myths can also be damaging to moms when OTHERS believe them. For instance, if store owners believe moms "spurt milk," then they will ban them from the premises to avoid ruining the merchandise.

So let's chalk this up as one more reason to get the facts about breastfeeding straight!

How would you feel if someone feared you'd "spurt milk" while breastfeeding?


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