Cafe Turns the Tables on Man Caught Harassing Breastfeeding Mom


It's a sadly common scenario: Mom gets harassed for breastfeeding at a cafe. Only what happens next is a pleasantly surprising twist: The cafe owners kicks the harasser out of her cafe.


According to the cafe owner, Jessica-Anne Allen at Cheese and Biscuits in Australia, a middle-aged man complained -- both to her and the nursing mom -- that the mother should "cover up" when breastfeeding her child. Seeing that the mom was upset, Jessica-Anne told the man to leave. 

From there, Jessica-Anne published a Facebook post repeating her business's breastfeeding-friendly stance, which was met with a rave response ... and a flood of new customers, I'd hope!

Cheese and Biscuits Cafe would like to reiterate that we are a breast feeding friendly cafe. We do not in anyway believe...

Posted by Cheese and Biscuits Cafe on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What's really interesting about this cafe owner is that she doesn't even have kids herself, and is standing up for this mom. To me, this just proves that breastfeeding advocates come from all backgrounds: They can be men or women, moms or any old gal, all united under the idea that there is absolutely no shame in breastfeeding in public. 

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I also love how people who harass breastfeeding moms are finally getting harassed themselves -- it sure gives them a taste of their own medicine! I particularly love when it comes from business owners, since their say-so carries more weight in an establishment than a random person's.

While it's legal to breastfeed in public in most places, that doesn't do moms much good with all the breastfeeding bullies out there, shaking their fingers wherever they go. Because let's face it: Even if a mom knows her rights, it can be hard to feel comfortable when someone's in your face, giving you a hard time.

And while businesses may think they're "breastfeeding friendly" by allowing nursing moms on their premises, I don't think that goes far enough. Rather than wash their hands of this fight and make breastfeeding moms fend for themselves, I think businesses also have a responsibility to shut down anyone who complains.

We know it's hard for businesses to chase away a paying customer, but they will be rewarded in spades by moms. I'd wager business is booming for Cheese and Biscuits!

How do you respond to people who complain about breastfeeding in public?


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