'Call Me Maybe' Breastfeeding Parody Has Surprising Stars (VIDEO)

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Support is key when it comes to breastfeeding (and I don't just mean a nursing bra). Breastfeeding mothers need their partners, family, friends, and the general public to be supportive. And this video set to the song Call Me Maybe made by students from Canada's St. Francis Xavier University in partnership with the group Building a Breastfeeding Environment (BaBE) is not only is about spreading the word that babies should be able to eat wherever and whenever they are hungry ("I'm just a mother, feeding my baby"), but also that anyone and everyone can and should be a breastfeeding advocate. So what if they used baby dolls and the women in the video weren't lactating. 


Support. That's what I see. Students made the video. Young people of today took the time to create this in support of breastfeeding mothers. I bet even Carly Rae Jepsen approves. The students conceptualized this, wrote a song, recorded it, and acted it out in a video, and edited the whole thing. How many takes they did is unknown. But it's clear they spent a lot of time devoted to spreading the word of normalizing and supporting breastfeeding mothers. They used baby dolls because none of the students in the film were lactating mothers -- and as a breastfeeding mother and major advocate, I don't understand why people are complaining. Perhaps these people just like to complain? These students -- who represent the future -- are supportive of breastfeeding mothers. That's a beautiful thing.

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There are many thank yous and praise for the video, but there are also a flurry of those who take issue on how it was made. I wish they had used real babies she who were really nursing. It's not that hard to find nursing moms. Could someone please tell me why the acting moms are breastfeeding their babies through their shirts? Were some of the things said.

My friends ... my fellow breastfeeding supporters ... everyone can support breastfeeding and if anyone wants to make a video with a catchy song helping people see it's no big deal when a mama nurses in public, then that deserves praise not put-downs.

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My daughter "breastfeeds" her baby dolls. My daughter is 5 years old. When I see her doing this, I see a future where breastfeeding is accepted and supported by everyone. I set my hopes high. I see a future where no woman is kicked out of a restaurant for breastfeeding or told to go to a bathroom or cover up. I see my daughter growing up and continuing to support breastfeeding mothers. I see her someday breastfeeding her own babies. I see happiness. Love. Acceptance. An ally.

I've also seen television shows and movies depicting beautiful natural births and TV moms "breastfeeding" -- and it's all an act in that it is not real life -- it's a movie, a show, an actor doing her job. When presented, even in an art form, it's still an act of support. It's still part of the support all breastfeeding mothers need, and all babies deserve. I want to thank the students at Xavier and BaBE -- your support is so needed and welcome. The more non-breastfeeding people who support breastfeeding there are, the more support and help we will get -- it's all part of normalizing what is natural. Baby doll and all.

What do you think of this video?

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