Little Girls Fighting Cancer Hug It Out in Heart-Melting Viral Photo

kids fighting cancer

Leave it to kids to find the silver lining in a stark situation: Take, for instance, the two kids in the above photo -- both of whom are fighting cancer. Rather than bemoan their situation, they've done the best thing possible: become friends. And this sweet photo of them hugging out has gone viral ... I mean, honestly, how could it not?


How it happened: 5-year-old Maliyah Jones was diagnosed with neuroblastoma three years ago, while 2-year-old Madelina DeLuca was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia back in November. The two girls met in the cancer ward at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh and became instant friends, hugging the very first day they met.

Maliyah's mother, Tazz, seeing the kids embrace, snapped a photo and posted it on Facebook.

Caption this! Repost & Share please! Trying to get this picture seen all over the world. So many people have been...

Posted by Tazz Jones on Sunday, May 3, 2015

Since then, the photo has been shared nearly a thousand times, drawing even more attention to fund-raising pages set up in Maliyah's and Madelina's names.

Plus, both the girls' families say they are committed to fostering this budding friendship, hopefully long after both kids end treatment and head home to recover. Isn't that sweet? 

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I, for one, love this photo since I think it embodies two qualities about kids that I admire most: one, their ability to accept their situations with a smile no matter how dire (if I were either of these kids' moms I'd be a mess). Two, I think kids deserve immense respect for their ability to connect and make friends with others so easily. I mean, these girls just met, and they've got their arms around each other! How often do you see adults do that? 

This optimism and ability to connect are  two qualities I think we all lose as we get older, but that kids have in spades. That's why I think this photo is so powerful. They may have cancer and met mere hours earlier, yet they look like they're happy as clams and have been friends forever.

Why do you think this photo is so powerful?


Image via Tazz Jones/Facebook

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