This Dad's Viral 'Kid Shaming' Video Has an End You Won't See Coming

kid shaming video

Kid shaming videos -- where parents discipline their kids in some diabolical way then post it for others to see -- are everywhere these days. Only this dad's kid shaming video takes the cake in our book, because it ends with a twist.


In the video, dad Wayman Gresham says he's going to punish his son by shaving his head -- a common kid shame tactic. Only right before the electric razor goes to work, Wayman does something surprising. Check it out below:

It's time for me to discipline my kid the tough way! Why? I don't play that!

Posted by Wayman Gresham on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Did you see that hug coming? I, for one, SO did not. And I love it, because I'm tired of watching parents publicly discipline their kids. What are they trying to prove, that they're good parents? To the entire Internet?

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I think shaming -- making a child feel embarrassed -- has no part in good parenting. Because it's not constructive. It just makes kids feel mortified. Plus, today, on social media, those videos live on for-EVER. Think about that. Yup, the day you shave your kid's head for bad grades at age 10 will haunt him online when he heads to college, tries to get a job, and find someone to marry. Heck, his own kids may laugh at it one day, too!

All I'm saying is that parents should think twice before they post anything that humiliates their kids online. Because you -- and they -- may have to live with that choice indefinitely.

How do you feel about kid shaming videos?


Image via Wayman Gresham/Facebook

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