School Tells Girls to Hide Their 'Sausage Rolls' & Other Offending Body Parts

girl pinching stomachA Pennsylvania mother is threatening to sue her school district after a letter they sent home regarding the dress code for graduation asked female students to remember as they got dressed that "you can't put ten pounds of mud in a five-pound sack" and to cover up their "sausage rolls."


And that's not all. Here's what the Upper Adams School District suggested kids wear for graduation:

letter from school graduation dress code

I am flabbergasted by the idea of a school making a statement on the way it prefers to see its overweight female students dress. A student's weight has no place in a conversation about dress codes. I can understand encouraging students -- all students, boys and girls alike -- to dress modestly for a formal occasion like graduation. But how on earth could a school employee think that telling girls not to wear clothes that are too small for their body types is acceptable? It's not. Ever.

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What people expect at graduations and other school events is that students will be dressed "appropriately." If that means having a certain standard of formality, then the topic should be addressed that way. But if the issue is the appearance of girls' bodies (their size in particular), then there's a problem. That certainly appears to be the case here, as in the letter boys were told that they could wear jeans and tee-shirts as long as they "make [their] choices wisely." The girls, however, were given no such credit for their ability to judge what is acceptable and what isn't.

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Graduation is a time when we should be celebrating our girls; the focus should be on their accomplishments, not their bodies. The message we send our daughters when we focus on their appearance instead of their diploma is one that we should be avoiding: that what they've done and what they know is great, but how they look is more important.

No wonder this mom is angry:

How far do you think schools should go in dress code regulations? Should they comment on girls' bodies?


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