School Investigates Teacher for Having a Sense of Humor on Pinterest


Pretty much every social media user on the planet has used (or at least seen) Someecards, those images pairing old-fashioned illustrations with witty, sarcastic quips. (Yes, we're talking about those drawings of Victorian-era ladies making wine-related laments on your Facebook feed.) But apparently if you're an elementary school teacher, these ubiquitous posts are off-limits -- or at least that's how one Texas mom feels.


The anonymous parent has a child who's about to start attending Columbia Heights Elementary School in San Antonio, so she decided to do a little online digging to see if she could find out anything about his soon-to-be teacher. Totally normal mom behavior so far -- we all want to know what kind of person our kid is going to be spending the majority of his or her day with. But when she discovered the teacher's Pinterest account, she was dismayed to find several Someecards bearing somewhat sarcastic (and in one case, expletive-laden) sentiments about her chosen profession: “Do you want to hear a secret? You’re the reason your teachers are alcoholics,” read one card. “If teachers were honest with report card comments: Jimmy continues to be a shit. I would like him to stop being a shit," read another.

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The mom was so dismayed, in fact, that she went straight to the school district and demanded that disciplinary action be taken against the teacher. (According to a spokeswoman for Harlandale ISD, administrators are looking into the situation.) But the question is, should disciplinary action be taken? 

In my opinion, the answer is no. Obviously, I don't know this teacher, and it is of course possible that she's a snide, child-hating drunk who stumbles into class everyday hungover and throws books at the heads of misbehaving students. But let's assume, for argument's sake, that she's actually a perfectly fine teacher who treats her students well. Then what's the harm? What, she's not allowed to complain about her job online like 99% of the population does? Better she blow off a little virtual steam when she goes home at night than take it out on the kids!

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Honestly, if I saw these cards on the Pinterest account of one of my kid's teachers, I would laugh (and maybe want to hang out with her sometime). Why aren't teachers allowed to be human beings? We all want our children's teachers to be good teachers, and hopefully they're good people, too. But do they have to be perfect people? Plus, I think this Texas mom is jumping to some pretty extreme conclusions by making the assumption that a teacher's online jokes are indicative of her character. Does the mom have no sense of humor whatsoever? Lighten up, lady. (Again, assuming this teacher is a good teacher despite her snarky taste in Pinterest posts.)

What would you do if you saw these on your child's teacher's Pinterest page?


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