Popular Baby Formula Maker Ditches GMOs to Make Moms Happy

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If you're feeding your baby formula, odds are pretty good it's Similac Advance -- the top commercial brand in the U.S. Plus this formula may soon become even more popular because the company behind it, Abbott, has announced that they'll be removing GMOs, or genetically modified organisms.


In case you're not familiar with GMOs, it's where genetic material from one food is implanted in something else entirely -- say, salmon DNA into corn -- which may give the corn certain advantages like being especially resistant to drought or weeds.

Meanwhile, most mainstream baby formula is made from corn and soy products -- and 90 percent of those crops in the U.S. are from genetically modified seeds.

Problem is, a debate is raging over whether GMO foods are safe, and so far there seems to be no clear answers and little long-term data. So, I could certainly understand why many moms with babies would just want to use this GMO-free formula purely based on a "better safe than sorry" philosophy.

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And Abbott has heard these parents' concerns.

"We listen to moms and dads, and they’ve told us they want a non-G.M.O. option," said Chris Calamari, general manager of Abbott’s pediatric nutrition business. "We want to make sure we meet the desires of parents."

In fact, a survey by marketing firm Fluent found that nearly one in five adults prefer products without GMOs. Plus another survey by Nielsen found that 80 percent of consumers would even pay more for non-GMO foods.

This may explain why many food manufacturers are hopping on the non-GMO bandwagon, including Cheerios, Grape-nuts, and Terra chips.

Plus, given formula is often the ONLY thing a baby is eating (although some moms mix formula and breast milk), GMO-free seems even more important than once they're eating solid food, where only a small portion might contain GMOs.

All in all, even though the jury's still out on the safety of GMOs, I can see why many moms just wouldn't want to take the risk, and reach for GMO-free formula.

Do you try to avoid feeding your kids foods with GMOs?


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