Mom Arrested for Keeping Sick Kid Home From School


Think your kids are too sick to go to school? Beware: A mom says she was arrested -- and shackled! -- for keeping her sick son home from school without a doctor's note to back her up. 


Julie Giles, of Sylvania, Georgia, claims she was contacted by the school after her 10-year-old son, Samuel, was absent for a total of 12 days -- double the numbered allowed by her school district. She got doctor's notes for three of those days, but not the rest.

"The truth is l cannot afford a copay every single time they are sick," was her explanation. "But I never want to send them to school when they feel bad or could possibly get others sick."

Yet as a result, she was put in jail, with ankle shackles, mug shot and all before they let her go on her own recognizance.

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Talk about scary! As a working mom, it's stressful enough when my daughter is sick, and I have to juggle having her home with a job. If I had to drag her to the doctor's for a note -- or face jail time -- that might very well push me over the edge! It's just not realistic.

I agree that schools need to discourage absenteeism, and make sure kids aren't just playing hooky. Still, I think schools need to trust parents, within reason, rather than make them haul their kid to a doctor for a garden-variety cold (because honestly, what's a doctor gonna do for that?).

Doctor's note aside, the punishment here does not fit the crime: It seems ridiculous to involve the court and put a mom in jail over this. It's just heartless and unfair (oh and did I mention that the dad got off Scot-free?).

I just hope this school has learned their lesson and finds more productive ways to actually help their kids -- and parents who are just trying to do their best juggling the demands of work and family.

Do you think doctor's notes should be required every time your child is home sick from school? 


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