12 Best #NormalizeBreastfeeding Tweets That Give Moms a Boost


When model Nicole Trunfio breastfed her son Zion for the cover of Elle Australia (subscriber's copy only) we felt it was a major victory for working moms -- and also a wonderful way to contribute to the normalization of breastfeeding. Nursing moms know, we still have a long way to go because some still find the sight of a mom breastfeeding offensive. Twitter is exploding with the #normalizebreastfeeding and here is a collection of tweets that drive the point home.



Interesting point. We come in all shapes and sizes -- with and without bronzer. #normalizebreastfeeding for all!

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It should not be offensive.

Sad truth.


Good point. And happens too much.

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Oh so true.

I hope so, too.


Truly beautiful!

Yay for dads!

Which tweet is your favorite? What are you doing to #normalizebreastfeeding?


Image via Daniel Peinado/Flickr

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