Mom's Can of Beer Gets Her Honor Student Son Kicked Out of School

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A teen will not be allowed to attend his high school graduation because he had one unopened can of beer in his truck ... which his mom claims was HERS.


The incident happened at Kaufman High School, where a police K9 unit found an 8-ounce can of Bud Light sitting in a cooler in the back of Quintin Walker's truck (along with water and soda) . Even though Quintin claimed he didn't even know the beer was there, he was suspended, cited for "minor consumption," and told he could not attend any school functions, graduation included.

The mom, Jarita Marshall, said the beer was hers; she'd accidentally forgotten to take it out of the truck after a weekend family trip the the lake.

"It was very heart-breaking," she said about Quintin, an honors student. "He worked really hard and I felt like it was my fault." 

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How awful! In my opinion, the school is being way too harsh. Because let's face it: Parents leave stuff in their kid's car, truck, backpack, or bag all. The. Time! And as a result, I could see kids getting punished for all kinds of things where they've done no wrongdoing: What if a parent left a jackknife in the kid's backpack from a camping trip? That could totally happen to anyone, myself included.

I don't think kids should be held responsible for what their parents leave in their car, backpack or otherwise. Because one, how would the kids know it's even there? Two, kids shouldn't have to scrutinize every corner of their car, backpack and bag before heading to school. That's the parents' responsibility. These are still kids.

Schools have their rules, but I think they're meant to bent in certain situations like this. I think the school should take the mom's word and give her kid a break -- it's a totally plausible story!

It seems so sad that this seminal celebration for 18 years of hard work could be dashed by one can of Bud Light.

How would you feel if your kid couldn't graduate because of something you did?


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