Mom Threatened With Eviction for Breastfeeding On Her Own Front Porch

missy smith breastfeed front porch

A mom breastfeeding on her front porch was told to stop because the neighbors were complaining. Um, seriously? If a mom can't feel comfortable breastfeeding on your own front porch, where can she?


According to the mom, Missy Smith, her property manager warned her that if her neighbors called the cops, he'd have to write up an eviction notice. Luckily, Smith knows her rights: In Oklahoma where she lives, women are allowed to breastfeed anywhere -- without a cover.

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While it's always sad to see breastfeeding moms harassed when they have every right to nurse their kids, what makes this situation particularly awkward is that they're her neighbors, for Pete's sake. That's awfully close for comfort. 

I just hope these neighbors don't make this mom and her kid so uncomfortable they decide to leave, rather than deal with this toxic tension right next door. On the contrary, I hope these neighbors hear they've been outed, re-assess, then come crawling to this mom's door with a white flag and an apple pie.

Hear more of this mom's story below:

How would you feel (and deal) if your neighbors complained about you breastfeeding on your front porch?


Image via Fox 25

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