Viral Family Photo Is Changing Minds About Having Kids While HIV-Positive

andrew pulsipher

Wow. A man named Andrew Pulsipher recently shared a fascinating photo on Facebook, and not surprisingly, it's gone viral. In the photo, Pulsipher, who's with his wife and three children, is holding a sign, saying that he's HIV positive. His wife, Victoria, and kids, are all holding signs saying that they're HIV negative. In the picture, everyone is happily smiling, and to be honest, it's pretty jarring, because who knew this could be a reality?


As it turns out, that's exactly why Pulsipher shared the photo -- to educate people and break down some of the stigmas we have about HIV. Pulsipher listed a number of facts underneath the picture, explaining his situation and HIV in general. Among them? That he was born with HIV and that both of his parents died from HIV.

Hi my name is Andrew Pulsipher. I am HIV+ and have been since birth.Here are the facts about me:1. I am married to an...

Posted by Andrew Pulsipher on Sunday, May 10, 2015

Pulsipher also told Huffington Post that his first child was born via fertility treatments out of fear that he would pass the disease on, but his second two kids were conceived naturally. "If you're undetectable, there's only a one percent chance of giving it to your spouse, at least for a man and a woman," he told HuffPost. "I only take three pills, once a day. That’s it." 

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Hearing that Pulsipher and his wife chose the fertility route the first time around is interesting -- and something all parents can relate to, regardless of whether or not they're HIV positive. We all worry about passing certain things on to our children -- be they health issues or "negative" personality traits like a bad temper or low self-esteem. And we're all a little relieved when our kids turn out to be, well, negative.

As parents, we don't just think about ourselves. In fact, we're often the last people we wind up thinking about. So, it's so nice seeing that sometimes things do work out for the best. And that goes doubly when that thing shatters stereotypes and things we otherwise thought were true. So glad Pulsipher shared this. 

Were you worried about passing anything on to your children? 


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