Dad Who Made Little Boy Destroy His XBox Over Bad Grades Could Use Some Parenting Classes (VIDEO)

playing xboxA video going viral on YouTube of a boy whose father is forcing him to destroy his X-Box with a baseball bat after he got failing grades in school has already been viewed 500,000 times in less than a week, and Dad is getting a lot of praise. But rather than cheering on the father for his “good parenting,” all this video does is disgust me.


That's not really because of the punishment itself, though I have problems with it as well, but because it was filmed and uploaded it to a public platform. See for yourself:

Parents discipline their kids in different ways. Getting rid of the X-Box because this child is failing school is probably a good choice. I can see taking it away for a certain length of time or even donating it to the Goodwill.

But to make a child stand on the front lawn and destroy it with a baseball bat seems juvenile and unnecessarily mean to me. And, excuse me while I get my judgment hat on here, but if he's playing so much X-Box that it's affecting his schoolwork, isn't that on you for allowing him to do so, Dad?

Just saying.

More than anything, however, it's this trend of parents filming themselves discipling their children and then posting it to YouTube that I cannot stand. It needs to stop. Public shaming as a method of teaching life lessons is rarely a good idea, and is more often than not the move of a parent who has lost all their patience and sunk to the level of wanting to humiliate their child. That is a parent who want “Likes” and comments from strangers applauding their parenting skills; there is no other reason to do it. And, in turn, what we're fostering is a community of people who delight in the shaming of children. It is glorifying taking revenge out on your child instead of meaningful parenting.

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We all lose it from time to time. And finding the right way to punish your child so that they learn a lesson can be very difficult. But displaying one of your child's most difficult moments to the world to satisfy your own need to get cheered by strangers isn't "good parenting." It's just plain cruel.

What do you think of Dad's punishment?


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