High School ​Teacher Rewards Students By Showing Them 'Fifty Shades of Grey'


A high school teacher has caused an uproar after letting her students watch Fifty Shades of Grey as a "reward." Apparently this teacher, at Hampshire High in West Virginia, had no clue about the film's racy S&M content, and was luckily caught by the principal ten minutes into the show (that was hopefully before the juicy parts).


Wow, what rock was that teacher living under that she had no idea what this movie was about?! In any case, she should have checked -- it would have taken two seconds!

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And while 50 Shades seems like a particularly unfortunate choice, I'm more disturbed by the fact that this teacher did not feel the need to screen it before unleashing it on her students. I mean, if she's not checking that, what else might slip through?

Basically if I were a mom whose daughter went to this school, I'd have serious reservations about this teacher's judgment. Any teacher with half a brain would have thought, Hmmm, these kids seem really keen to see this movie ... why? Are they trying to pull a fast one on me?

As parents, we expect our kids to not be exposed to inappropriate content at school, and for teachers to know what they're showing their kids before they show it. I hope this is a lesson for teachers everywhere that they have to do their homework, too.

How would you feel if your kids watched 50 Shades at school?


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