Pregnant Mom Fights Off Rabid Fox With 6-Year-Old's Backpack

A pregnant mother in North Carolina became a total superhero when she used her 6-year-old son's backpack to fight off a rabid fox that was terrorizing her Fayettesville neighborhood. If this story sounds familiar, it is — because, believe it or not, almost the exact same thing happened nearly one year ago in New York. Fox conspiracy?


Ashley Kotchetov, who is due to give birth any day now, was outside of her home with her son Alex when the two noticed the fox lurking about their property. The fox had already attacked one of their neighbors earlier that same day by attempting to bite him on the ankle as he checked his mailbox.

Instead of running, which I have to admit would probably be my instinct and would more than likely lead to the much-faster animal chasing me down in seconds, Kotchetov thought quickly and threw her son's backpack at the fox to distract him and give him something to chew on.

Animal control officers were able to trap the animal and test him for rabies in a lab. Unfortunately, he tested positive for the disease and was euthanized. Rabies can cause an animal to attack unprovoked. Rabid animals usually die within one week of contracting the disease.

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Even though the fox didn't have a chance to bite her, the mom says she is going to receive medical treatment, just in case, which is a wise move considering she is about to deliver her baby and wants to ensure he or she is healthy. Doctors have told her she is at greater risk of getting rabies than of the vaccine hurting her unborn child.

How's this for one of the strangest coincidences of all time: last July, a pregnant woman from New York was attacked and bitten by a rabid fox while outside of her home. Shannon Edwards was six months pregnant and had to endure a series of four rabies vaccine shots and stitches.

What a terrifying thing to have happen to you, pregnant or not. Wishing this mom well and super glad she was able to think quickly on her feet to save her son, herself, and her unborn child.

How do you think you would react if you saw a rabid fox outside of your home?


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