Doctor Forgets Cellphone Inside Mom During C-Section​

cell phone

A mom goes in for a C-section ... and comes out with the doctor's cell phone inside her belly. Sound like an urban legend? Nope, this actually happened to a woman in Jordan recently.


At first, mom Hanan Mahmoud Abdul Karim felt her surgery had gone fine. Only once she got home, she she started feeling intense abdominal pain ... and vibrations in her abdomen!

An X-ray detected the cause; and the cell phone was removed.

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And this isn't as much of a fluke as we might like to think. A study by Johns Hopkins estimated that a surgeons leave foreign objects such as sponges or towels inside a patient’s body after operations 39 times a week.

Plus, C-sections are the most common surgery there is. So, that has to mean that many of those objects are being left in cesarean patients. And while it's bad enough to have any foreign object left in your body after a C-section, a cell phone seems particularly bad -- because why does a surgeon have his cell phone anywhere within reach during surgery, of all things? In the same way you shouldn't text and drive, docs shouldn't text and perform surgery. Geez. I really think surgeons should check their cell phones at the door.

So great, here's yet another thing for C-section mamas to worry about ... as if they don't have enough! 

What's your biggest worry about C-sections?


Image via leungchopan/shutterstock

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