Baby Kicked Out of Locker Room So Naked Ladies Don't Feel Uncomfortable

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A YMCA in Michigan is getting flack for kicking a breastfeeding baby out of their locker room. The reason? Because the baby was "under 18" and "could look at other women naked." Huh?


The back-story: Mom Emily Walcott had just finished her workout at the YMCA, and picked up her 3-month-old daughter from day care on the premises. In the locker room, she started nursing her infant. That's when a staffer approached her and told her to leave.

"After I started questioning (the staff member) about it, she said (the baby) wasn’t allowed to be fed in there because she was under 18 and she could look at other women in there that were naked," Emily explained. "She asked me to go into the little girls locker room, which I thought was even more odd."

And I have to agree with that assessment! When I take my 4-year-old daughter to the YMCA to swim, I don't bother with the family changing room; she and I just use the adult area. And she doesn't mind in the slightest.

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The only time I use the family room is when my husband comes swimming with us. After all, he can't just drop trough in front of her; so a family changing area is a must. I could also see these changing rooms being good for tween and teen-aged kids who might just feel uncomfortable being naked in front of other adults.

But babies? Babies don't give a hoot who's naked. I don't think the concept of nakedness would make any baby uncomfortable. So, I think babies shouldn't have to be in the family changing room at all.

As for kids in general, I think as long as the kid and parent are same sex, they should get to choose whether they want to use the family changing room or the regular one. It's up to the kid and the parent. So, long and short, no, I don't think the "no kids" policy in locker rooms makes sense ... particularly for babies!

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Do you think kids shouldn't be allowed in YMCA locker rooms?


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