Baby Name Generator Guesses Your First Name If You Were Born Today

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Occasionally, the Internet coughs up fabulous little gifts --like that adorable Instagram account about the rat and dog who are BFFs. Or leaked info about the new Star Wars movie. Well, here's another gem -- a hilariously addictive name generator that I have decided to call "Baby Name Time Suck." Because it is impossible (for me, at least) to "play" it once.


Full disclosure: I have a weird fascination with names. One of the first stories I ever wrote as a kid had just one sentence, "Once there was a king who had 100 daughters...." then I proceeded to list every single name, The End.

Visitors to Time's website can plug in their name, birth year and gender to see what their name would have been during every single decade dating back to 1890. The interactive instantly matches your name's popularity to that of other hip, swell, elegant, far-out names of other periods.

(It relies on name trends supplied by the Social Security Administration.)

For instance, "Stephanie" is today's "Victoria." My 2000's name would be "Amanda;" my 1990's name: Erica (which is good because I was expecting Britney;) my 1980's moniker is Emily, and so on.

The best nugget of info: In the 1890's, I would have been Myrtle.

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In case you were wondering about other names, because of course you were, I saved you some time.

In the 1960's, Justin Bieber would have been named "Dennis."

In the 1900's, Kim Kardashian would be "Bessie."

In the 1990's, Gwyneth Paltrow would really be named... "Shatara."

And in the 1890's, Chris Hemsworth would have been called "Pleasant."

Now you know why I've dubbed this "Baby Name Time Suck?"

One caveat: If a name is too unique -- ie, Beyonce, Rihanna, Carrot Top -- it won't work. I tried.

Your turn. Give the baby name generator a spin!


What was your name in 1890?


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