Mom of 12 Boys Gives Birth to Lucky Baby #13

schwandt 13 boys

Maybe you've heard about Jay and Kateri Schwandt -- those poor parents with 12 boys. Twelve! Welp, they've just given birth to their thirteenth child, and found out the gender: It's another boy. Yep.


Although the mom had said she was pulling for a boy because that was in her "comfort zone," the dad fully admitted he was hoping for a girl. I mean, wouldn't you be?! Only upon finding out he had another boy, he changed his tune.

"Being a dad, having 12 boys, one more boy is pretty cool," Jay told ABC News.

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You've gotta hand it to him for rolling with the punches. Because what else can you do? Gender is one of those wild cards we can't easily control, so unless Jay wanted to curl up in a ball and stay miserable about his lot in life, it's all but imperative that he pull a 180 and adjust his reaction and see the bright side of the reality in front of him.

I certainly did this with my daughter. Before finding out the gender, I'd wanted a boy, and could list plenty of advantages to this scenario. But once I found out it was a girl, I stewed for a day ... then suddenly saw all the perks of having a girl. Tutus! Mother/daughter mani-pedis!

So whatever your hopes and expectations are for the gender of your baby, don't worry -- whatever you have, you'll find a way to end up happy about it. It's just what parents do.

Here's a video with more on the family:

How did you react once you found out the gender of your baby?


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