Professor's Reaction to Baby Who Starts Crying During His Lecture Goes Viral

professor picks up baby

A college professor who scooped up a crying baby and continued lecturing has gained internet fame for his family-friendly teaching style. The prof, Sydney Engelberg, teaches organizational behavior at Hebrew University; his daughter snapped the photo of him with the baby in his arms then posted it to Facebook, where it went viral.


The professor's daughter, Sarit Fishbaine, added that her dad encourages all his students to bring their kids to class. So when an infant started to fuss when his mother tried to leave the room, Dr. Engelberg didn't miss a beat: He picked the little tyke up, calmed him down, and continued holding him for the rest of the lecture. Isn't that sweet?

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Posted by Sarit Fishbaine on Sunday, May 10, 2015

Posted three days ago, it has garnered over 48,000 likes and 4,400 shares, as well as comments like "More than one subject being taught" and "I can't even begin to imagine how much that probably meant to [the mom] -- knowing that someone valued her education and supported her that much."

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All I can say is I don't know many professors who'd not only welcome kids to their class, but then comfort a child if he started fussing. This prof should be a shining example to all teachers (and bosses for that matter!) on how to create a more family-friendly environment. He even welcomes breastfeeding moms!

Of course, if I brought my 4-year-old to work, I probably wouldn't get much done that day! But hey, welcome to life as a mom! If this professor can handle it, and millions of moms can handle it, then anyone can.

Do you think kids should be allowed in college classes ... and at the office?


Image via Sarit Fishbaine/Facebook

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