Mom Fuming After 1st Grader Brings Home Report Card on Her Housekeeping & Parenting Skills

mommy report card

A first grader's homework assignment called a "Mother's Day gift" has gone viral on Facebook, spreading outrage in its wake. The reason? It asked kids to rate mom's parenting skills ... and other really weird stuff.


Where do I start? For one, kids shouldn't be grading mom's performance, period -- especially as a Mother's Day gift! It's oddly disturbing to see your kid judge your parenting, to know that this info is shared with the teacher, and to see the assessment include such inane, outdated priorities. Check it out below:

mommy report card

Honestly now, what mom has time to take a bubble bath and do her hair? Of all the rooms they could pick, who cares whether her bedroom is tidy (that's the last room I'd clean for company)? Last but not least, what do these things have to do with being a good mom? Nada.

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The recipient of this "gift," Amy Black, whose child attends Ridgecrest Elementary, ended up posting this on Facebook with the following tirade: "This is a highly inappropriate activity for our children, teaching them to scrutinize and judge their parents,not to mention prying into their personal lives and sharing inappropriate information with their teachers and administration. This is vile contempt for the institution of motherhood!"

I completely agree, and hope whatever teacher gave this assignment has learned an important lesson about how this Mother's Day "gift" is anything but!

If you got this report card from your kid, how would you feel?


Image via Amy Black/Facebook


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