Mom Gives Birth on Airplane After Doctor Told Her She Wasn't Pregnant (VIDEO)

plane A woman gave birth on a flight from Canada to Tokyo -- which is exciting enough, but this story gets even stranger. For one, even though the mom suspected she was pregnant, she didn't look pregnant, plus her pregnancy test came back negative. For added measure, her doctor didn't notice during a routine checkup, either!


As a result, unwitting mom-to-be Ada Guan boarded a flight from Calgaery to Tokyo 37 weeks pregnant with her boyfriend Wesley Branch and what she thought was a stomachache ... until boom, a baby. Surprise!

The newborn, named Chloe, is doing well. But I guess this goes to show that pregnancy isn't always so obvious. In fact, stories abound of women who don't realize they're pregant until they've given birth.

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Plus, as much as we trust that doctors are trained to tell if a woman is preggers with a bit more accuracy than we may posses on our own, it can slip past them, too. For instance, Ada Guan actually did have a clue, but when she tried different avenues was flummoxed.

Bottom line: Ladies, if you suspect something's up with your body, trust your gut and insist and knowing for sure. Insist on a sonogram if you must, since babies can't exactly hide from that.

Here's a video of this woman's story -- it's in Japanese, but you can get a glimpse of the baby in it to see she's a pretty decent size to slip past everyone's radar! 

Did you ever have a hunch your doctors told you to ignore?


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