Mom Discovers Her Toddler Has Cancer By Taking His Photo – Can You See It Too?

eye cancer

Usually cancer is caught by an oncologist armed with biopsy needle or other fancy equipment ... which is why we were floored to hear that one mom caught her toddler's eye cancer just by taking his photo.


Julie Fitzgerald of Rockford, Illinois had long noticed that something seemed to be in the back of her 2-year-old son Avery's eye when she saw him in the light. On a hunch, she went online and learned that it was possible to detect eye cancer with a flash photo: Rather than the usual red pupils, eye cancer would show up white. So she gave it a shot, so to speak.

The result? One of Avery's eyes turned out white ... and was confirmed as eye cancer, or retinoblastoma. The eye was removed; doctors warned that had it remained much longer it could have spread to his brain and blood. 

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Moral of the story? For one, clearly we should all take photos of our kids' eyes and look at them! But in a grander sense, I think this goes to show that as much as we trust and rely on doctors, parents are the front-line defense to  keeping our kids healthy.

I also think this should encourage moms to trust their intuition when it comes to their kids. This mom, for instance, didn't have much to go by other than a hunch, which her husband insisted was nothing. Since then, he's changed his tune.

"Listen to your wife, that would be the first thing," Patrick now says. "Trust your gut." 

See more about this story in the video below: – Rockford’s News Leader

Have you used a hunch to catch any illness in your kids?


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