Autistic Child's Entire Family Kicked Off Flight for Being 'Disruptive' (VIDEO)

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A mom was flying on United Airlines with her autistic daughter when the 15-year-old girl became agitated due to hunger. So what did the airline do? They fed her some hot food from first class, then did an emergency landing to kick the family off the flight!


The mom, Dr. Donna Beegle from Tigard, Oregon, was mortified by the flight crew's response -- especially since her daughter, Juliette, calmed down once she got the food.

And apparently other passengers aboard the flight agreed that this extreme response was unmerited. In a video shot by one passenger of the Beegles being escorted off the plane, you can near someone say, "It's ridiculous," while another says, "That's going to be a lawsuit." See more below:

Donna called the incident "a sheer case of ignorance," has filed a complaint against the airline, and plans to sue -- not to get get cash to line her pockets but so the airline staff can receive some sensitivity training.

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And I'm fully behind her! That autistic girl was no threat to anyone; she's just a kid with a developmental disability having a rough time on a flight.

What's more, this incident makes me worry not only for moms with special needs kids, but for moms with kids period.

When I flew with my daughter when she was two, she almost got us kicked off the plane because she wanted to see it my lap and wasn't allowed to. As she screamed and thrashed, the airline attendant warned us if we couldn't get her under control we wouldn't fly. I was mortified, but also felt helpless and indignant: Kids can be a handful during a flight! But as long as they stay seated and aren't posting a danger to themselves or other passengers, airlines should have a little compassion already. These kids aren't terrorists, they're just kids ... and short of ordering up a private jet, parents are just doing their best.

How would you feel if you got kicked off a flight due to an unruly kid?


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