Twins Have Different Fathers, Paternity Test Reveals

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It seems improbable, but twins can have different fathers as one family learned when the man believed to be the dad of twin baby girls learned that his DNA only matched one of the twins. The unnamed father from New Jersey took a paternity test when the mother (also unnamed) asked him to pay child support. The test showed he was only the father of one of the twins.




The dad has only been ordered to pay child support for the baby he fathered. There is no word on if the mother is speaking to the man who could be the father of the other twin (but I certainly hope she is).

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Dr. Brooke Rossi, an obstetrician and gynecologist at University Hospitals McDonald's Women's Hospital in Cleveland, told ABC News that it is extremely rare, but twins with two dads an happen. "The sperm live in the genital tract for two days. It’s possible a woman can have sex with a man on a Tuesday and have sex with a different man on Wednesday, and it is possible for [her] to get pregnant [with twins]," she said.

If we want to get technical, it's called heteropaternal superfecundation. And if we want to be kind (which we absolutely should be), we shouldn't say anything negative about the mother. Pregnancy, to me, is a miracle -- it's a beautiful blessing to bring a life into this world. And this woman was able to have twins -- and as a twin mom, I think having multiples is magical. It doesn't matter at all if these twins have different fathers.

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Though we should think about the twins -- this is quite a phenomenal event, and one that they would get a lot of (perhaps) unwanted attention once it is known the girls have different dads. Though I would like to think that we live in a time when we are more understanding and compassionate when it comes to family situations that may be different from our own. What really matters here is that these twins are healthy and happy -- and have love in their lives. And who knows ... with two dads and a mom in their lives, that could just mean more love and happiness for them. That's my hope.

Have you ever heard of twins having two different dads?


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