Blind Mom-to-Be 'Sees' Baby In Womb Thanks to Incredible 3D Ultrasound (VIDEO)

blind mom sees baby 3D ultrasoundIt's difficult to put words to the feeling when we hear our baby's heartbeat in utero for the first time. Our hearts fill with emotion -- we have created life; we are nurturing that life. And when we see our baby for the very first time in the womb thanks to an ultrasound, that moment takes our breath away. Mom-to-be Tatiana Guerra is blind, but thanks to 3D technology, she was able to "see" her baby in her womb. Her doctor surprised her during what she thought was a typical visit. It's a beautifully intense moment captured on film.


Thirty-year-old Tatiana lost her sight when she was 17. At 20 weeks pregnant, she is feeling what so many of us mothers feel -- like we have superpowers to grow this life inside of us. And we do -- life is a miracle and the ability to create life is a superpower. When our babies are in our wombs, we imagine what our little ones will look like. Will they have our nose? Our smile? Our cheeks? Tatiana, of course, imagines all of that and because she's blind, her other senses are especially tuned in. So while she is able to hear her baby's heartbeat and feel his kicks on her belly, she cannot see an ultrasound. She cannot see him.

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Until now. Tatiana's doctors surprised her by making a mold of her son's face thanks to 3D ultrasound technology. The moment was filmed for Huggies in this incredible video called Meeting Murilo. Prepare yourself: There will be tears.

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A mother's intuition is often right, and we see that here with Tatiana and her thoughts on what her child Murilo will look like. She was spot on. Her emotions brought me to tears. It's just so beautiful and wonderful. What an incredible gift for Tatiana, and one I hope all mothers and fathers without the ability to see will be able to get thanks to this incredible technology.

What do you think of this technology? How much did you cry watching this? (I did ... a lot.)

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