Dads Give Up More at Work for Their Kids Than Moms Do

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Think moms are always the ones to compromise their career for their kids, while the dad stays committed to climbing the corporate ladder? On the contrary, a new study has found that dads are more willing than moms to scale back their career to carve out more family time.


The study, by Harris Interactive, asked over 1,200 men and women in the U.S. a variety of questions about work/family balance. Here's a breakdown of the stats, and how men and women compare. 

Percent who have or say they would...

  1. Change jobs to spend more time with family: 67 percent of men, 57 percent of women
  2. Give up a promotion for better work/family balance: 57 of men, 49 percent of women
  3. Take a pay cut to carve out more family time: 36 percent of men, 33 percent of women
  4. Move to another location to be closer to family: 46 percent of men, 38 percent of women
  5. Move to another country for better parental leave benefits: 26 percent of men, 18 percent of women

I was surprised, pleasantly so, by these stats at first. But after thinking about them I think they make total sense. My husband would happily scale back his career so he can see his kid more often, whereas I'd be reluctant to budge.

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But in my mind, these "daddy track" guys aren't doing this purely out of the goodness of their hearts. It's because men have less to lose on the career front by prioritizing their kids.

For instance: As a mom, I feel I paid dearly for my time out of the work force. It was hard to find a new job, and I make nowhere near the salary I used to. My husband, on the other hand, took about the same amount of time off for family, but got a plum new job as soon as he wanted one. So, men can afford to mess around with their careers in ways that moms may feel they can't.

But enough griping ... whatever the reason why dads are daddy tracking it, I'm all for it! Thanks, guys!

Who's more willing to scale back their career for your kids: you or your husband?


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