Mom Hits Kindergartner For Bullying Her Son & Gets Arrested

school bus

When a mom heard her son was being hit by a bully on the school bus, she did what many mom might want to do: She marched onto the bus and slapped the bully herself.


Problem is, this mom's tit-for-tat was caught on video. The result? The mom, N'Doumbe Gueye of Westwood, Ohio, was found guilty of assault and sentenced to jail time, plus parenting and anger management classes. Was this sentence too harsh? Check out the video below to see what she did:

All I can say is if some bully was hitting my kid, I'd definitely want to hit that kid back! So, I think I understand how this mom was feeling, and all moms who respond to violence against their kids with more violence. Eye for an eye, right?

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That said, I'd certainly try my best to NOT hit the bully and take this tit-for-tat approach -- and I do think this mom needs anger management and parenting classes. The reason: Some kids don't know any better than to hit, because they're just kids. But parents should know better.

Plus, when this mom hits the bully, she's teaching a busload of kids that the best way to retaliate to violence is more violence. And that's a terrible lesson! Parents should be role models, so while I get why moms in this situation would be livid, it's up to us grownups to control our emotions and teach kids to not act like Neanderthals.

What would you do if some bully hit your kid?


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