14-Year-Old Girl Has Brilliant Responses for Guys Who Don't Want to Use Condoms (PHOTO)

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Let's say your teenager is about to have sex. Scary thought, but let's get real, it's bound to happen sooner or later. Anyway, her partner is saying he doesn't want to use a condom. How should she respond? This was the question posed by a sex ed assignment where one 14-year-old's answers got her suspended ... even though her answers were correct!


In the assignment, kids were asked to write in their responses to various objections they might hear against using condoms. Well, this 14-year-old girl wrote some colorful retorts! Check them out below:

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I find it a shame that this girl got suspended. I, for one, don't think she should have been disciplined at all. I think she should have gotten an A!

Here's why: Her answers were completely appropriate for the assignment -- curse words and all. For instance, if a guy says "I'm clean, I don't have infections," the answer "go f**k yourself" is exactly what that guy should do. I wouldn't even count that as an expletive.

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Now, the girl's second curse, "look at all the f's I give" is less merited, but still, this is how kids talk. If this kid were cursing like that on her math homework, then yes, she should be disciplined. But here, she completed this assignment to a tee.

If my daughter wrote those answers, I'd be very proud. Because while she may be suspended, I am confident she'd never get chlamydia or end up a teen mom. And that's more important.

How would you feel if your teenager answered a sex ed assignment this way?


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