Moms Stage Hostile Takeover of Restaurant Yelp Page After Owner Tells Nursing Mom to Cover Up

breastfeeding Restaurant reviews on sites like Yelp can really make or break a restaurant's reputation these days ... yet we'll bet the owner at the Big Fish Grille, a seafood restaurant in Wilmington, Illinois, had no idea what he'd gotten himself into when he asked a mom to cover up while breastfeeding during dinner.


The mom, Kristal Snow Tomko, complained about her treatment on Facebook, and since then the restaurant's Yelp page has been overrun with scathing reviews. A group of mothers even planned to stage a nurse-in" at the restaurant on Friday.

Since then, the restaurant's owner, John Mathias, has apologized to the mom, but it's clearly too little too late, and the damage to his business is done. He saw his Yelp rating plummet and said he's had cancellation after cancellation of reservations. Mathias told a local paper the angry moms were involved in "social terrorism.”

Let this serve as a warning to all restaurants -- and breastfeeding bullies in general -- to wake up! Anyone who shames moms into covering up may be in for a rude awakening and could face a whole lot of flack themselves.

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Plus I hope this is a lesson for moms, too: If you ever feel weird about breastfeeding in public, just know that you've got a whole lot of support out there. I can easily remember the days when I was breastfeeding in public, cowering in corners, excusing myself from restaurants, figuring everyone was disgusted and I was a freak. On the contrary, this story proves that breastfeeding advocates will back you up -- and how!

All I can say is, even if a restaurant were my absolute favorite, I'd probably stop going there if I heard they gave a breastfeeding mom any trouble. And clearly many other moms feel the same way, which just goes to show that as much as moms can occasionally judge each other and tear each other down, the forces of good in us far outweigh the bad.

How would you feel if a restaurant you liked told a breastfeeding mom to cover up?


Editor's Note: Since press time, the bulk of the Yelp reviews have been removed from the Big Fish Bar & Grille page "for violating our Content Guidelines or Terms of Services."


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