Baby Name Obsessions: State by State

pregnant woman using computerWe know our Sophias and Amelias are popular, and Liams and Aidans are topping the charts, but do you know what baby names parents in your area are considering? Thanks to the royals, Charlotte has received a nice boost (Google reports that searches for the name spiked since the Princess' name was revealed), but the most-searched names by state show that the most popular names vary by region.


Google Trends just released its most-searched baby names by state in honor of Mother's Day, and one thing's for sure: We're not all as unique as we like to think we are.

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Nationally, Elizabeth, Olivia, and Emma are easily the top names three names. For boys, it's Michael, James, and Avery. But when we look at the individual states, we start to see some changes.

Take a look at the most-searched girls names by state:

most searched girls names by state

And then the boys:

most searched boys names by state

Emily, Grace, and Zoe are not in the top three names, but they still get a good portion of searches. For boys, David, Logan, Jonathan, Joshua, and Ethan are also most-searched throughout the country.

Now, while these numbers reflect what names are being searched, they don't necessarily show what names parents ultimately end up choosing for their children. Michael, James, and Avery are all incredibly popular boys' names that have topped the charts for generations. Elizabeth, Olivia, and Emma are the same.

They may be top-of-mind for parents, but not always what they put on the birth certificate. Then again, don't be shocked when you find these names creeping up on daycare lists. They're certainly climbing the popularity ranks. 

Are the baby name searches true for your state?


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