Parents Allow 'Prankster' to Abduct Their Kids & Are Horrified By What Happens (VIDEO)

child abduction prank

If a stranger approached your kid on a playground, would your kid talk with him ... then walk off holding his hand? As much as you'd like to think no way, a "child abduction" prank by Joey Salads proves otherwise.


In the video, Joey approaches various moms at the playground and asks them whether they think their kid would talk to him. Most moms say no; explaining they've warned their kids to not talk to strangers.

So, Joey asks if he can conduct a social experiment where he approaches their kids to see what happens. Check out the results in the video below:

Joey's goal is to raise awareness about how little parents have prepared their kids to defend themselves against abductions. And I hafta say, this prank makes this point abundantly clear!

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It didn't surprise me too much that these kids talked to this guy, but it did surprise me that the kids walked off with him. I honestly think my daughter wouldn't do that, but clearly all these moms thought the same thing!

Guess it's time to drill into my daughter that "stranger danger" may not always look so dangerous.

How do you think your child would react in this "experiment"?


Image via JoeySalads/YouTube

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