Aunt Goes Behind Sister's Back to Vaccinate Her Nephew

An aunt admitted on radio that she secretly vaccinated her nephew against his parents' consent. She justifies her decision as saving the 18-month-old boy's life ... only the radio hosts, Ryan and Shannon on KS95, didn't exactly pat her on the back.


A little more background: This aunt claims her sister and brother-in-law were well educated, responsible people, but once they had their first child, they "lost their minds" and refused to immunize him.

So at one point when she was washing her nephew for five days, she took him the doctor and had him get his shots. So far, the parents don't know what happened. 

Well, as much as this aunt feels she did what she had to do to protect her nephew, the radio show hosts hit the roof, saying she had no right to undermine what the parents feel is right for their child.

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As much as I think most anti-vaxxers have a few screws loose, I can't condone this aunt's behavior, either. Because a parent has a right to make these kinds of decisions for their kids -- no one else. And if a "well-meaning" family member violates that agreement, who knows what else she might  do against the wishes? For instance, let's say the parents think their kid has a gluten allergy. What if this aunt thought the gluten allergy wasn't real, and knowingly fed him something packed with gluten ... and then the kid got sick?

I have a sister who's extremely opinionated about how I raise my child, and that's annoying enough. But she'd at least tell me to my face. If my sister violated my wishes for my daughter -- secretly no less -- that would probably be the last time Aunt Debby hangs with my daughter ever again.

How do you feel about kids being vaccinated without the parents' consent?


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