Record Number of Moms Are Giving Birth at Home … Without Help

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For moms-to-be considering a home birth, there's good news: You're definitely not alone. New research shows that unsupervised home births are on the rise, and have increased by 79 percent in the United States in the past eight years.


According to new research that will be presented at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists' annual meeting this week, there were 5,000 reported unsupervised births in 2007, and more than 8,800 in 2012. That increase may seem small, but it's concerning, say doctors.

Between 2007 and 2012, there were more than 24 million new babies born. The study shows that approximately 141,000 were home births. On top of that, 30 percent of those home births were unsupervised by professionals.

These "Do-It-Yourself" births have no midwife, physician, or doctor present, and were determined by counting the birth certificates of newborns that were signed solely by their parents.

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And there are several worthy trends. The study shows that women who already had children were more likely to choose a home birth for their second (and subsequent) children. In fact, there was an 82 percent increase in home birth for women who already had children. But there was also an increase in first-time moms choosing home births, for a total growth of about 65 percent.

Though doctors were unable to definitively determine why women chose these home births (maybe they weren't planned, a mom didn't have time to arrive at a hospital, or it was in a state that didn't legally recognize midwives), the numbers don't lie. 

Home births are on the rise, and more and more moms are bucking the idea of hospital births in favor of a do-it-yourself delivery. 

Would you consider a DIY home birth?


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