Mom Gets Cops to 'Arrest' Her 10-Year-Old So He'll Stop Talking Back


What do you do when your 10-year-old son is talking back to his teacher at school and shirking on his work? Do you ground him, ban TV for a week? Well, one mom decided to take more extreme measures: She asked the cops to stage a fake arrest.


Chiquita Hill, a mom in Columbus, Georgia, says she'd tried for weeks to get her son Sean to behave after learning he was talking back to his teacher and refusing to finish his classwork. But when he refused to heed her warnings, she called the cops, who volunteered on their own time to help. 

The cops then showed up at her door, put Sean in handcuffs, dragged him out into the squad car for a tough-love parenting talk. Then they let him go. Sean ran inside, gave his mom a hug, and apologized for his behavior. Since then he's reportedly been an angel.

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After posting her story on Facebook, Hill received mixed reviews, with some hailing and others criticizing her disciplinary creativity.

And I have to say I'm in the latter camp. Because aside from terrifying her kid, she's taught him some really weird, wonky things about law enforcement. For one, he'll probably spend his youth frightened of the cops, when he should see them as people who could help in dangerous situations.

Secondly, this kid now has the wrong idea of what police do. Cops don't discipline misbehaving kids; they've got bigger problems on their plate. So what if the day comes where Sean's friend Jimmy won't share his Power Rangers? Will he expect the cops to step in and teach Jimmy a lesson, too?

See more on this story in the video below:

How do you feel about parents calling the cops to discipline their kids?

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