7-Year-Olds Kiss at School & Cops Show Up to Bust Them

kids kissing

Cops were called to investigate a Florida school for an odd reason: two 7-year-olds kissed on the lips during class. This police probe was called to find out whether the behavior could be deemed "lewd and lascivious." Um, seriously?


According to police reports, the teacher witnessed the children smooching, but there was "no indication that there was anything sexual about this incident." Read more below:

police report 7 year olds kiss on lipsThank god the cops determined no laws had been broken, and recommended the case be closed. Still, though, what a waste of their time!

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Because think about it: Who were the cops going to arrest? Certainly not the kids. Perhaps the teacher, if she just let it happen without intervening. So, I might worry the teacher is neglecting her students. But I would not worry that the kids were being "lewd" or "lascivious" in the slightest.

Kids act out a lot of adult things with no understanding of the deeper meaning. They play house, they play marriage, so it makes sense they'd play kissing, too.

If anything, if the kissing continues, I'd worry that the school might intervene in a way that would scare those kids from kissing anyone ever again. I think the kids should be talked to, but just to say that kissing on the lips is an "adult" thing not for kids. But beyond that, I think the kids are just being kids. As a mom, I wouldn't be worried. What worries me far more is how schools are taking this innocent rite of passage so seriously!

How do you feel about 7-year-olds kissing on the lips?


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