High Heels for Babies Are Officially a Thing

pee wee pumps

Baby fashion has hit new heights of ridiculousness with the introduction of Pee Wee Pumps, a company hawking high heels for babies aged 0 to 6 months. And these aren't any old heels, but stilettos!


Erm, last time I tried teetering around in stilettos during my pre-mom days, I nearly killed myself. The only saving grace is that Pee Wee's pumps are geared for babies so young they aren't walking yet, so at least they won't hurt themselves toddling around.

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Still, these heels do worry me, since I think it plays to the bigger trend of "adult" shoe fashions for young kids -- wedges and kitten heels for toddlers, for instance -- and those are dangerous if a toddler is trying to learn how to walk.

Case in point: Even seemingly harmless features like slide-ons can negatively impact a toddler's first steps, since their toes have to "grip" the shoe so it doesn't slide off. That's why shoe experts advise that moms avoid buying "adult" shoe styles for toddlers like heels, flip-flops, and yes, even Crocs.

So as much as I think these baby stilettos are "cute," I worry that they may start moms and their babies down a dangerous path. I, for one, would steer clear.

How do you feel about high heels for babies?


Image via Pee Wee Pumps

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