Kate Middleton & Prince William Invite New Parents to Share Baby Photos

Kate Middleton and Prince Will are so filled with love and joy after the birth of their baby girl this morning that they have invited all new parents to join them in celebrating precious little lives—by using the hashtag #WelcomeToTheFamily and sharing their own new baby photos!


We are all eagerly awaiting the first photo of Kate (who will look stunning, we're sure!) holding her brand new princess. But, in the meantime, we're loving the royal couple's cool, down-to-earth effort to make us all feel like part of their family (in our dreams!)

Shortly after welcoming little Charlotte or Alice on Saturday at 8:34 a.m., Kensington Palace tweeted the following:


Fans have enjoyed getting in on the sweet baby action. Some followed directions to a T:

And others took a less literal approach:


Either way, serious oooh-ing and ahhh-ing all around today.

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Kate and Will's stunning peanut was born weighing 8lbs 3 oz. "The Princess of Cambridge," as she will be known, is fourth in line for the throne, behind Prince Charles, Prince Will, and her big brother, Prince George.

We are incredibly excited about the newborn princess and will be on the lookout for photos, a name—whatever we can get!—in upcoming days.

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In the meantime, if you are a new mommy, join in the fun and share a photo of your gorgeous princess or prince using the hashtag #WelcomeToTheFamily.

What do you think about the royal family's Twitter hastag?


Image via Chris Jackson/Getty Images


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