New Reality Game Show: Moms Play It While They Are Giving Birth (VIDEO)

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You arrive at the hospital, already in labor, the contractions have started, and you and your partner are in the delivery room anticipating the big moment. And all of a sudden, Lisa Arch and a camera crew bust in, and you're left answering parenting trivia questions with the promise of winning prizes. Sound great? It's the latest concept of a TLC game show called Labor Games, and pregnant moms everywhere are answering the casting call.


Sounds wild? That's because it definitely is. Like a Cash Cab, but in the delivery room, Labor Games busts into the delivery rooms where pregnant mothers and their partners are currently staying and starts with the quizzing.

Ready to sign up yet? Check out the promo and you'll be convinced:

Yes, it's a little out there, and certainly has its fair share of bizarre reality TV elements, but kids are expensive, so you might as well win some diaper money and start on that college savings account now.

Plus, labor and delivery is no joke, as any mom will tell you. It's painful and stressful, and full of highs and lows. So anything -- including trivia and cameras -- that can distract you from the fact that you're about to push out a human being from a very tiny hole, is probably well-received.

Let's just keep in mind that Mom's going through a lot at this moment, so when the contractions roll around, don't be afraid to push on the "bleep" button. It might be necessary.

Would you ever participate in this show?


Image via TLC

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