Mom Fights For Right for Her Autistic Daughter to Use Medical Pot at School

medical marijuana

A school is refusing to administer medication to one of their students who sorely needs it. The reason? That "medication" is medical marijuana.


Genny Barbour, a 16-year-old in Maple Shade, New Jersey, suffers from epilepsy and autism; her parents Roger and Lora tried every possible treatment before turning to this controversial herb. It proved to be a godsend at keeping her seizures and other symptoms in check. 

Yet when the parents asked the Larc School to administer a dose at lunchtime at the doctor's recommendation, the school refused, citing that it was illegal to administer this substance on school grounds.

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The parents took their case to court and lost, but they have since appealed, claiming that without the drug, their daughter suffers seizures and other problems that prevent her from learning.

I'm not a lawyer, so I can't speak to the student's "rights" here. But as a mom, I can see why this is a tricky situation. On the one hand, I don't think marijuana should be allowed on school grounds across the board, since this wacky weed can indeed mess kids up!

On the other hand, there's plenty of evidence that marijuana really does have valid medicinal value: Genny isn't getting high; she's using it to focus and learn. As such, I think it should be allowed on school premises ... at least for Genny.

Granted, I guess there's a possibility that Genny's friends might say, "Hey, can I try?" But there are plenty of safeguards that can be put in place to prevent that. For instance, the nurse can administer the medication at her office, so it's not like it's sitting in the kid's locker to be passed around willy nilly.

Bottom line: While I certainly wouldn't want my daughter toking up during recess, I can sympathize with a mom whose child truly needs this medication to get through her day, and think schools can safely accomodate these kids without spoiling the bunch.

How would you feel about kids using medical marijuana on school grounds?


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