Huge Crib Mattress Recall: 7 Things Parents Need to Know

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Earlier this year, IKEA recalled thousands of crib mattresses, and the Scandinavian furniture stalwart has just upped those numbers. Because they pose a risk of entrapment, IKEA recalled an additional 131,000 of its crib mattresses.


In January, IKEA recalled several models of the VYSSA style crib, but the latest recall concerns the SULTAN crib mattresses. The company received two reports of babies being trapped between the end of the mattress and the actual crib.

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Here's everything parents need to know about the recall:

  1. The recall includes four models of the SULTAN mattresses, including SULTAN BLUNDA, SULTAN DRÖMMA, SULTAN SNARKA, SULTAN SUSSA, and five models of the VYSSA family including VYSSA VACKERT, VYSSA VINKA, VYSSA SPELEVINK, VYSSA SLÖA and VYSSA SLUMMER.
  2. The mattresses are 52" long and 27 1/2" wide.
  3. They were manufactured on May 4, 2014 or earlier, and the date can be found on a label that's attached to the mattress cover.
  4. Both SULTAN and VYSSA models have been sold in the United States since October 2000.
  5. IKEA notes that parents should measure their crib and mattress by removing all sheets and seeing that the gap between the mattress and the crib is no more than the width of two fingers, like so:
  6. If the gap is larger, parents should stop using the mattress immediately.
  7. If you've purchased any of these models, they can be returned to any IKEA store for an exchange or a full refund.

What type of crib do you use in your nursery?


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