New Study Shows Additional Benefits of HPV Vaccine for Girls

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Good news for parents who get their kids the HPV vaccine: It doesn't just protect against HPV, an STD that puts women at greater risk for cervical cancer in their forties and fifties. Long before these health benefits kick in, new research has found that the HPV vaccine also protects against other STDs, including cervical dysplasia and genital warts.


According to the study of over 26,000 teen girls, those who'd gotten all three doses of the vaccine Gardasil were 44 percent less likely than the unvaxxed to be diagnosed with cervical dysplasia during high school, and also 43 percent less likely to get diagnosed with genital warts.

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These findings have experts stressing that kids (both girls and boys) should be getting the HPV vaccine by age 11 or 12 -- hopefully long before they're sexually active. And yet, according to the CDC, only 38 percent of girls had gotten all three doses of Gardasil by the time they were 17.

All I can say is, once my daughter turns 11 or 12, in she goes to get her HPV vaccine! After all, even if she isn't into boys yet, being early in this case never hurts -- and could save her from all kinds of health problems down the road. 

How do you feel about the HPV vaccine?


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