Dad Gets Tattoo of His Baby Boy … on His Face (PHOTO)

dad face tattoo son's faceYour child has a scary, unexpected, brush with death, so the only way to commemorate the experience and to celebrate his survival is to get a face tattoo, right? Well, that's exactly what one Texas dad did, and now he's facing plenty of online backlash. Christien Sechrist, a 20-year-old dad to son Perseus, got his son's face tattooed on his own face, and the world is puzzled as to why.


The proud dad posted a photo of his artwork online, and while the Internet immediately jumped on the criticisms, take a look for yourself first:

Thanks Cody Gibbs for doing awesome work on me. Looks just like my son

Posted by Christien Sechrist on Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It's, um, prominent, isn't it?

According to reports, Sechrist's son had "an apparent brush with death," so Dad decided to honor his son in the only way he knew -- a massive tattoo that spans his cheek, jawline, and earlobe.

While there are many questions we'd like to ask Sechrist (Why? Really, why? What'd your tattoo artist say? And, again, why?), it's no question that it might create some issues down the road. Reports say that Sechrist is studying to be an electrician, but he's confident that his look won't keep him from jobs.

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But the most confusing part of all isn't the reason why he got the tattoo, or even how he chose it, but what his son thinks of the work.

Perseus may only be a toddler, but in just a few years, or months, he'll no doubt ask his father about the tribute. Whenever parents pay tribute to their kids via tattoo, should that not be the first question -- what will the child think? Yes, it may be the parent's body, but it's the kid's likeliness. Do they get a say in the issue?

Tattoo inspiration can come from anywhere. A song lyric, a piece of kids' artwork, or just a simple symbol that stands for something much more meaningful can all provide a back story. But when it comes to tattooing a face on a face, the feelings of everyone involved should be considered. They will, after all, have to stare at themselves whenever talking to you.

What do you think of this tattoo? Would you ever do something like this?



Image via Christien Sechrist/Facebook

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