American Academy of Pediatrics Says Kids With Lice Should Not Be Banned From School

child with head lice

Whenever they descend upon an elementary school classroom, head lice becoming the biggest nuisance on any parent's mind. But the latest recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics urges school not to ban kids from class when they have lice.


The new report from the AAP encourages parents to get an affirmative diagnosis by the child's pediatrician, and start treatment immediately. This way, the fast action would "minimize lost instruction and stigmatization of a child in school."

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And that's the main reason for the recommendations. The AAP notes that these "no nit policies," which immediately ban otherwise healthy kids with lice from classes until they're lice-free, actually have dire "academic and emotional consequences."

Not only are children stigmatized at school, but they lose valuable days of instruction, learning, and socialization. Since lice an only be passed through head-to-head contact, there is actually very little risk and likelihood that a child will catch the infestation just from being in the same classroom.

And that's exactly what the Academy is recommending. Instead of quarantining the children at home, it urges the parents and administrators to allow them back in class. This way, they can continue to learn while they treat the condition. 

Do you think children with lice should be allowed in class?



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