Dental Assistant Rips Nursing Baby From Mom's Arms While She's Being Treated


A mom with a toothache was told she couldn't breastfeed at the dentist's office -- putting her in the painful position of deciding Hmmm, should I fix this searing pain in my jaw, or feed my baby? Ouch!


The mom, Taylor Chaice Buzbee, couldn't find a sitter for her 9-month-old son because she'd scheduled her dental appointment at Aspen Dental just 20 minutes before she was to arrive at their office. What's more, an employee on the phone assured her that bringing her baby would be okay.

Halfway through Buzbee's appointment, her son started fussing, so she started nursing him in the dentist chair. One employee told her she had to stop because her baby was "in the way." Then, for good measure, they took her son from her arms without her permission and placed him in a stroller.

This whole thing has me wondering: Was her baby really "in the way," or just an uncomfortable sight for some? And even if the baby were truly "in the way," I just wish the office had handled it with more sensitivity; you don't rip a baby from a mother's arms without her permission.

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But I feel for this mom, since finding a babysitter for "appointments" -- be it dentist, doctor, eye doctor, etc. -- is the worst. It's usually too short of a time to hire a sitter; only it's not clear that bringing your kids along is okay, either.

I've often asked, "can I bring my baby?" and typically it hasn't been a problem. In fact, my infant sat peacefully in her stroller during my first post-baby gyno exam. Got forbid she started clamouring to nurse in the middle of that!

But all in all I think it would behoove dentists, doctors, and other businesses to make it clear that they will happily accommodate moms (nursing or otherwise) with kids. Because there are plenty of moms out there who are dying to get their checkups or other stuff done while also caring for their kids. Why should they have to choose between one or the other?

Do you bring your kids to your dentist or doctor appointments?


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