Middle School Teacher Tells Students to Call Her 'Mommy'

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A middle school teacher in New York has been chewed out for creepy reason: She's been urging her students to "call me mommy." As if that weren't weird enough, the teacher -- Deborah Greenberg at PS 25 in Bedford-Stuyvesant -- has talked about adopting them, too.


Department of Education officials sent Greenberg a letter of reprimand. And I'm like, "That's it?!" If my daughter's teacher asked her to call her "mom" or "mommy," I'd flip and want to yank her out of that class entirely!

I think it's fine for teachers to be nurturing and "motherly" -- to wipe away tears, give hugs, say words of comfort and encouragement when their students need it. But they should not even hint at the idea, even playfully, that they're a student's mom.

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For one, my kid already has a mom -- that's me! So to see someone try to infringe on this role raises my mama bear hackles and makes me want to snarl, "back off, my daughter is MINE!" It's kinda the same reaction I'd have if someone tried to hit on my husband, only a hundred times stronger. Because in my mind, the mother/child bond is as sacred as it gets!

I'm guessing that many mothers who divorce have to grapple with this issue -- of seeing stepmoms try to horn in and act like a mother to their kids, maybe even call them "mom" too. That would be excruciating -- and at least in that case the stepmom is technically a "mom" of sorts too.

But a teacher? Nope. I know they can get close to kids, but "mom" is way too much.

How would you feel if a teacher told your kids to call her "mommy"?


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