Newborn Saves Man's Life When He Becomes One of the Youngest Organ Donors (VIDEO)

Jess Evans and Mike Houlston learned they were having twins 12 weeks into the pregnancy, but they also learned that one of the twins had anencephaly, a fatal abnormality that doesn't allow the brain and skull from developing as it should. The couple didn't want to abort him and hoped he would survive the pregnancy and they would get to spend as much time with him when he was born as they could. They were granted 100 minutes with their son they named Teddy before he died. And then Teddy became the UK's youngest organ donor and has saved a man's life.


As his father said, Teddy lived and died a hero. His mom noted how he achieved something so great in the short time he lived. What a beautiful thing this family has done, and choosing organ donation not only saved the life of one man (so far), it has given Teddy's family peace knowing he lived for a reason, and that his life meant something.

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The Houlston twins -- Noah and Teddy -- were born April 22, 2014. Though the organ donation news has just come out. Teddy was Noah's younger brother, being born just minutes later. The family got to spend 100 minutes with Teddy before he passed on, and the family (who are proponents of organ donation) donated his organs for those in need. It was just revealed to them that Teddy saved the life of man with renal failure. A newborn's kidneys was able to help someone else live. That is a beautiful thing. Teddy's mom said of the news:

Knowing that he was able to do such good, more good than most of us will ever do in our lifetime – it is just overwhelming how proud we are of him.

What a truly beautiful thing; and I'm sure it will make many people think about organ donation and how we have the ability to save lives after we pass on. My heart aches for this family and what they had to go through. They made a selfless decision at one of the most difficult times in their lives, and in doing so, they saved one person's life so far. They are heroes as well.

Teddy's older sister has some sweet words about her hero little brother. He's in heaven, she said, playing ball.

Are you an organ donor? Would you allow your children to be organ donors?


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