Moms Post Hilarious Yelp Reviews of Their Newborn Babies

Yelp reviews are usually hit or miss when it comes to restaurants. Half of the customers will rave about a place, while the other half will insist it was the worst establishment they’ve ever step foot into. Here's one type of Yelp review you can trust: the first (to our knowledge) collection of reviews about what it's really like to have a newborn baby.


When it comes to raising infants, the good always outweighs the bad because our babies are adorable, sweet, and the loves of our lives. But when things are bad—and introduce me to one mom who hasn't had a few horrific nights or days—they are the stuff of legends, as these moms reminded us on Yelp.

This mom compares her child to her eating, sleeping, and pooping former nightmare roommate:

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NewMom417 shared the most detailed description of three categories of parenting a newborn:

While OvrTheMoon took a different approach and focused on only the most positive aspects of having a newborn:

But a lot of other Yelp users weren't having any of her sunshine and rainbow. The backlash to her post was swift and severe:

Any surprise those reactions were from dads!?

In all seriousness, newborn are magical. But if you can't creatively express your frustration at having to breastfeed every hour through an outlet like this one, what can you do?

What would you write in your Yelp review of newborns?


Image via Vinoth Chandar/Flickr

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